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For those who love keeping it clean. The Essentials bundle features our full award-winning hygiene collection so you can bolster your skincare routine with the highest quality hygiene products for all your skincare needs. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, formulated without any harmful additives- plus 100% biodegradable and compostable.


Clean Wipes

Clean Swabs

Clean Towels XL Original

Clean Towels XL Bamboo

Clean Towels Original


The Clean Towels are a Clean Skin Club original creation. They're single use, ultra soft, and 100% biodegradable face towels made to enhance your skincare routine and eliminate bacterial transfer from regular towels.

100% Biodegradable - Vegan - Cruelty Free - Dermatologist Tested and Approved


- Always have a 100% clean and bacteria-free face towel

- May alleviate acne and breakouts, especially those triggered by bacteria or fungus

- May help reduce symptoms associated with skin conditions

- Helps maintain a healthy skin barrier

- Suitable and recommended for sensitive skin

- Multi-functional in your skincare routine and in your home


The Clean Wipes are ultra gentle, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic cleansing wipes. They’re nearly twice the size and thickness of conventional wipes. Made with a clean formula that’s safe for sensitive skin- even kids and babies.

Vegan - Cruelty Free - Hypoallergenic - Fragrance Free - Made Clean


- Remove makeup

- Quickly cleanse at the gym, after sporting events, on a hike, camping, or any occasion that calls for an on-the-go freshening up.

- Clean up pet and toddler spills/messes

- Safe to use on any part of the body


The Clean Swabs are 100% biodegradable, made with premium USA organic cotton and bamboo. Each swab is dual-sided with a rounded tip and a precise tip to cater to all your beauty needs.


- Sterile product application to skin

- Eye makeup removal

- Touch up makeup edges

- Touch up nail polish


How big are the Clean Towels XL?

They’re approximately 10in x 12in.

How many come in a box?

Each box comes with 50 Clean Towels.

Can the Clean Towels be reused?

Yes, the Clean Towels can be reused. Their fabric remains strong when wet and is durable enough to be gently wrung out. To reuse: rinse them by hand, and hang them to dry. Once dried the fabric will remain soft and pliable. However, we do not recommend reusing them for skincare. If you are making direct contact with your skin, the Clean Towel should then be tossed and not reused. Quick tip- after you dry your face with a Clean Towel, wipe the excess water off of your counter before throwing them out!

How are they sustainable if they are disposable?

Clean Skin Club acknowledges the importance of environmentally friendly products and manufacturing procedures. Our Clean Towels, along with our other hygiene products, are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We do not use any additive chemicals or fabrics in the Clean Towels that do not biodegrade easily. Although you will dispose of them, the Clean Towels completely biodegrade within 4-6 weeks. While personal waste methods vary, you may also recycle or compost the Clean Towels.

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