1. You use fabric softener to wash it

Why it’s a problem: Fabric softener actually prevents towels from absorbing water and can leave a waxy buildup that can scratch and damage your skin.

2. It hangs to dry in your bathroom

Why it’s a problem: Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, found in a recent study that nearly 90% of face towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria and about 14% carried E.coli after left to dry in the bathroom. Incase you didn’t know, E.coli is literally a better name for poop particles.

3. It smells funky

Why it’s a problem: You've washed your towels and they smell pretty good as they come out of the dryer. But the minute they get damp, the funky odor returns. This is because the towels were not really clean. The main causes of the odor is that your washer is not clean and body soil and bacteria are redepositing on the terrycloth during the rinse cycle.

4. You're not the only one using it

Why it’s a problem: When towels are used by more than one person, cross-contamination of the skin can occur.

5. Your skin type isn't normal

Why it’s a problem: People who have  extremely dry or sensitive skin, those who are acne prone, and people with skin conditions like eczema are the most at risk for a dirty towel causing breakouts since their skin barrier isn’t functioning as well as it should be and this means that you could spread bacteria or fungus to your face, which blocks pores and makes flare-ups even worse.

That's Why We Created Clean Towels! The World 1st ultra-soft and biodegradable face towel!

Upgrade your Skin Care routine in the cleanest way possible with unbelievable results! Clean Towels are Ultra soft for Sensitive Skin, Help To Reduce Acne And Breakouts, Free of Bacteria and Dermatology Tested & Approved. Risk Free with our  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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100% Biodegradable, extra soft and eco-friendly towels


May Help to 

Reduce Acne and Breakouts

Helps Maintain 

a Healthy Skin Barrier

Compatible With 

All Skin Types

Gentle on Sensitive Skin Types

Ensures Skin 

Is 100% Clean

Exfoliates Without Irritating


Towels Sold


Happy Customers


5-Star Reviews


Towels Sold


Happy Customers


5-Star Reviews


Towels Sold


Happy Customers


5-Star Reviews

Real People, 

Real Skin Journeys :

Tatiana's Journey

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I've been dealing with adult acne for 2 years now... tried everything under the sun & nothing worked. I feel so grateful to have found CSC and a product that delivers REAL RESULTS.

Tatiana T.

Laura's Journey

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Best towels ever!

What an INCREDIBLE product! These towels have helped my acne prone skin so much! I use these when I take my makeup off and dry my face after I wash it. No more bacteria from my hand towels! I even use these to dry the counter after! Everyone needs these!

Laura B. 

Niser's Journey

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I started using Clean Towels at the beginning of 2021 and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

I stopped using face rags and towels as soon as I got my Clean Towels. I usually have some stubborn lingering acne, but after using clean towels for a month I really noticed the difference, my face was starting to clear up more. Now they’re all I use after washing my face & now I don’t have a problem keeping my skin clear anymore. It’s amazing how a great product can really make a difference. And if you want an even softer towel, you must try their bamboo towels.

Niser K

Kaimana's Journey

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So thankful these towels exist!

I've been using Clean Skin Club XL Towels for over 2 years now and honestly am so thankful they exist. They keep my skin clean + multipurpose use for my soaked counter! I had an extremely bad acne breakout in the top pic 11/2019, found a skincare routine that worked for me, and added in Clean Skin Club Clean Towels as the cherry on top and that is my skin today in the bottom pic 3/2022! My advice? Find what works and don't ever leave out these towels, they are the game changer you need in your routine!

Kaimana F.

Angela's Journey

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Within a month I saw such a significant difference!

I had been breaking out a significant amount. So after changing to skin products for sensitive skin alone didn’t work, I ordered clean skin towels. Within a month I saw such a significant difference. Whenever I run out and do not use clean skin towels, I break out and I know why. It’s so crazy how we don’t realize the bacteria on regular towels can affect our skin. I’ve learned my lesson and will never allow myself to run out again! Clean skin towels have changed the skin game for me! I’m obsessed!

Angela C.

One Product,
Endless Uses.

Dry Your


Clean Any


Keep Bacteria Away

Dry Your




Make DIY

Face Wipes

Sanitary for dermatological procedures

Safe for babies and toddlers


We Care










A portion from every purchase is donated to Trees For The Future as part our efforts to create a better tomorrow for our planet.


How long does it take to ship, and where from?

We are shipping to Asia regions (Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam), Express 1-3 days shipping to Asia regions

Can they be reused?

Yes, the Clean Towels can be reused. Their fabric remains strong when wet and is durable enough to be gently wrung out. To reuse: rinse them by hand, and hang them to dry. Once dried the fabric will remain soft and pliable. However, we do not recommend reusing them for skincare. If you are making direct contact with your skin, the Clean Towel should then be tossed and not reused. Quick tip- after you dry your face with a Clean Towel, wipe the excess water off of your counter before throwing them out!

Can the Towels be used as a washcloth?

Yes. Feel free to use the towels with any cleanser to remove makeup or clean your face.

How do I mount it on my mirror?

Our towels come with 4 duel sided stickers to easily stick to any mirror.

How many towels come in a box?

Each box comes with 50 towels.

How big are the towels?

They’re 10" x 12"

How are they sustainable if they are disposable?

Clean Skin Club acknowledges the importance of environmentally friendly products and manufacturing procedures. Our Clean Towels, along with our other hygiene products, are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We do not use any additive chemicals or fabrics in the Clean Towels that do not biodegrade easily. Viscose fabric completely biodegrades within roughly 6 weeks. While personal waste methods vary, we strongly recommend that you either compost or recycle the Clean Towels. 

Our Fabric certifications

Shop With Confidence.

We are so confident that you’ll see a significant improvement in the appearance of your skin after making the switch to Clean Towels so that we’re giving you 30 days to return the products for a refund if unsatisfied.

No stress. No Hassle.

We have your back.

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Our Fabric certifications